Arrowwood Heritage Farms

Heirloom Produce & More
Come Explore Old Ways in a New Era


We're so glad you dropped by.

Whether you are looking to try "new" old varieties of common foods or simply looking for good quality produce, you've found it.  We will be open for business in the Spring of 2010, but are taking advance orders now. 

Don't see something that you are looking for?  Tell us.  We aim to please so that you and your loved ones will make Arrowwood Heritage Farms your choice for locally grown, sustainable food.

Stop by our farm & check out what's for sale at the produce stand.  We're sure to have something that tickles your taste buds.  Or check out our calendar of events to see what's coming up & where we will be.  We're constantly seeking out new opportunities to serve you better.  If you've recently purchased something from us, we'd love to hear from you!  Click on the Contact Us link above.

What we grow

We specialize in heirloom varieties of produce, herbs, eggs from heritage chickens and unusual ornamental plants and native species.  Here are a sampling of the items we will carry in the 2010 growing season.  Please note that all are weather dependant and, while we will try to keep an abundant variety of each type, the weather & other conditions may not permit.

Eggs-Our eggs are from healthy hens of historic breeds with access to the outdoors.  They may not lay as well as industrial hens, but they have not forgotten how to scratch in the dirt, raise their young, forage for their food.  They are allowed to be chickens.  Studies have shown ranged poultry to have more nutritious eggs, but we sum this up as "Happy hens lay happy eggs!"  Come taste the difference, available in brown, green and white.

Salad greens-Our aim is to provide you with salads that you can't buy in stores.  Delicious greens that you just can't find anywhere else, like sorrel and nasturtium, as well as uncommon varieties of the things you are used to, like spinach and lettuces.  These will make for a tangy, spicy, sweet combination for your eating pleasure.

Heirloom tomatoes

Herbs-including rosemary, sage, thyme, mint, lemon balm, oregano, basil, parsley, dill, fennel, and others that you may not be familiar with. 

Garden vegetables like zucchini and cucumbers, roots such as carrots and beets, melons in summer and squash and pumpkins in fall, all in colors and shapes that will stimulate your eyes as well as your appetite.

We will also have some flowers, both annual and perennial, as well as shrubs, but don't look for your typical garden center varieties here.  We are more likely to have the varieties that your Great-grandmother grew. 

So come on out and bring the kids, we'd love to meet you as we embark on this food adventure together!